Compelled by the sense of majesty and awe derived from the vastness of space and the ethereal glory of the galaxies that contain multitudes, these works are designed to honour and emulate visions of the sky from a uniquely Australian vantage — particularly where the constellations of the heavens meet the stark, rugged horizons of the earth.

Featuring unique black and salt and pepper diamonds set in solid gold, these precious works are intended as adornments of celebration and ceremony — be it an engagement, a birthday, an anniversary or any occasion that might be commemorated in the form of a precious wearable.


Adornments of Intimacy

I am moved by the subtle, the monumental, the imperfect and the austere; taking inspiration from the ingenuity of natural objects and processes. I see my work as a celebration of the transience of all things in nature, and pay homage to the aesthetic elegance in objects that carry the burden of their years with dignity and grace.

At the Alicia Hannah Naomi atelier, I believe that the practice of slowness and sustainability are the ultimate expressions of luxury.
I hand craft individually, endeavoring to create contemporary heirlooms – precious and corporeal adornments of intimacy.


Heavy, hand textured chain-link pieces crafted from solid sterling silver,
inspired by the world's longest and most suffocating lockdown.

The Choke Necklace is comprised of thirty-six links individually treated by hand - alternating high polish and blackened texture,
and takes over six hours to create.