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It was a complete joy to have the opportunity to do both bespoke and custom rings with Alicia for our wedding.

We knew it was going to be an incredibly unique opportunity when she took the time to diligently answer our questions before even taking us on as clients. After submitting our inquiry, Alicia was thorough and made a point to fully expand on and realize the vision we had to capture the love that we share.

Every step of the journey we took showed a deep care, love, and respect for us as clients and for her artistry. She made sure to clearly explain her ideas while holding true to what we had asked for. Every sketch, gemstone selection, and wax modelling was shared to ensure we were all in sync with the projects, and she quickly responded to our many questions!

I know Alicia cares as deeply about these symbols of our love as we do. We’ve made a new friend and she’s found forever supporters in us. Thank you deeply for everything you’ve done for us, Alicia. We cannot wait to work with you again!


I’m at a loss for words. I truly didn’t expect to fall in love SO hard but thank you so much! I love the setting and the bright silver for the stone.

And the stone it goes from a milky blue in shade to looking like a shallow snowmelt lake with a white sediment floor in bright light due to the silky inclusion layer. Looking at the ring from the side and seeing vines of silver run up to the jewel is so lovely. The ring is also incredibly comfortable as well, and feels well balanced instead of top heavy.

Alicia has consistently captured a sense of vibrant melancholy in all the pieces I’ve customized, and it’s a super comforting feeling for me.

There’s always reverence for the precious, and at the same time, some sense of protecting it, driven by the scars by loss.

I’m so thrilled, thank you so so much. 


I am completely in love with my custom Tannin Ring. The more I look at it, I notice something different.  Alicia was certainly correct in saying that the rose gold sets off the ruby beautifully. It catches the sun and the richness of the gold and the ruby are amazing.

Alicia is truly gifted and I feel privileged to have this wonderful ring on my finger. I welcomed her caring, polite and professional manner at the same time showing so much attention to my needs.

Thank you again and hopefully this will only be the beginning!


Alicia remodelled my vintage engagement ring. I knew I wanted to reference my affection for chunky gold pirate’s booty, while still honoring the subtlety and specialness of a white diamond that traveled with me from New York to Melbourne. It carries the tale of my long distance relationship with my beautiful partner, and I was anxious not to lose this connection in its transformation. This process needed to be about preservation.

It was clear from our first few exchanges that Alicia was the only person I wanted to make this ring. Alicia does more than make jewellery. Her jewellery practice is about listening and the pieces that follow reflect her desire to tell a story that is uniquely personal and grounded in her aesthetic sensibilities that reference the natural world and the possibilities beyond it. It is true alchemy.

The ring that Alicia designed celebrates and references the materials that jewellers work with every day, reflecting a deep respect for the harmonious forms that exist in the natural world. It is the kind of jewellery that makes you stop and think. It is also the kind of jewellery you never want to take off!


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Alicia. Her care and professionalism through the whole process is a testament to her passion and dedication to her work. The way she went about everything was absolutely first class.

The ring is perfection. It is exactly what I envisaged when I came to her. I am beyond speechless and I know Chelsea will be as well when I get it on her finger!


If you're after something with significant meaning and resonance, then a custom ring from Alicia is the way to go. Her aesthetic is unique and if there are people out there who have an affinity with the beauty in the imperfect and Mother Nature's forms, commissioning a piece beats buying directly from a supplier or retailer.

I also love that she gives heirloom stones a second life while honouring their provenance.

Being a recipient of one of her creations made me "feel seen"... not only as a person and what makes up who I am but also how my partner sees me. It is very intimate to invite a talented craftswoman like Alicia to really "see" our relationship and create an expression that is one of a kind.


This is our first time ordering a bespoke piece of jewelry and it went as smooth as it could be.

This process was one of the easiest and most enjoyable thanks to Alicia's really professional and attentive approach. She understood our vision perfectly and we loved how open she was with different gemstone options at the beginning, really helping us with the final decision.

We also loved how she shared every part of the project with us, which we shared with every family member and friend without missing a second haha! We grew more and more excited with every picture and every video and yet, when the rings came they exceeded our expectations.

They really are a work of art and we will treat them as such. We consider Alicia a master of uniqueness and knew she would deliver the rings we dreamed of.

Thank you so much Alicia for your dedicated and loving work. We will treasure these rings for the rest of our lives.


When I first saw Alicia's designs I was fascinated with how sculptural they were. I knew straight away that I wanted to remodel my old rings in this style.

Alicia was very compassionate and thorough during the process, and the outcome was better than I could have expected. I love how the two rings nestle together, but my favourite feature is the tiny diamond on the side! It feels like a little secret just for me.

I get compliments on my rings all the time, nobody has ever seen anything like them.


The timing of this project was impeccable—[the ring] basically arrived at the front door on the very day of our anniversary, just in time for the celebration!

Needless to say, Anastasia is enthralled by it, everything she was hoping for. Totally blown away by the craftsmanship and the process from start to finish.

It's truly amazing to be a part of something that was once just a sketch and is now a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of art. She's incredibly particular with jewelry especially... I think any purchase in recent memory has been from [Alicia Hannah Naomi]. There will definitely be further projects down the line!

Massachusetts, USA

My jewellery arrived! I could cry, they are so beautiful in person. Alicia's pictures always look amazing and then in real life the pieces just make me melt. I will wear each piece with love and pride.

Thank you, Alicia, for transforming an old piece of jewellery with old memories into new pieces I will love forever.


Alicia has embodied what almost nine years of the most intense love feels like. And I know that this ring will continue to embody that love as he and I grow together. 

I am forever grateful that she crafted this ring with so much care, detail and passion. It radiates with a dark beauty and a beautiful elegance. The black diamond is pure bliss. She has captured what the inside of my head looks like!

I have always idolized Alicia's work, and it’s such an honor to wear one of her pieces. Thank you so much Alicia for your creation. It means the world to me.