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All Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery is made from non-allergenic, solid precious metal alloys of Sterling Silver, 9ct Gold and 18ct Gold.

Pure Silver is considered too soft for daily wear as jewellery, so the pure metal is alloyed (mixed) with a little Copper to get it’s strength and durability. Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper. The Australian standard hallmark for Sterling Silver is a 925 inside an oval.

Like Sterling Silver, pure Gold is also too soft for daily wear as jewellery; so to increase it’s strength and durability, pure Gold is alloyed with other metals such as Silver, Copper, and Palladium, resulting in the different carats (and colours) of Gold.

9ct Gold is 37.5% pure Gold, and 18ct Gold is 75% pure Gold. The higher the carat, the higher the purity of the gold, and the deeper in tone it appears. The Australian standard hallmark for Gold alloys is 375 or 750 inside two conjoined circles.

Pure Gold is naturally a rich yellow in colour. The Yellow Gold alloy consists of pure Gold, Silver, and Copper, mixed in the right proportions to keep the tone Yellow.

Rose Gold is a mixture of pure Gold, Silver, and a higher percentage of Copper, which is how it gets it’s romantic warm red hue.

White Gold is a mixture of pure Gold and Palladium. The natural colour of White Gold tends to have a slight yellow/grey tint. Commercial White Gold jewellery is often plated with rhodium to give it a bright white shine. Over time the plating will wear off, exposing the true colour of the metal. I do not Rhodium plate my White Gold and the colour you receive will appear as above, in it’s natural alloyed tone.