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All Things In Nature Are Transient

All Things In Nature Are Transient

Here in Australia, I'm staring out the window looking at the browning leaves. The trees are elegantly unfurling as they reveal their textures - shades and tones are darkening but there's a golden kind of sunlight today that visually belies the way the temperature feels when a gust of wind hits my skin unexpectedly as I step outside.

All things in nature are transient. The seasons are just one prevalent example of this, and we cannot control them (although we are certainly affecting them in ways that our mother nature would earnestly prefer we did not).

As I get older I am learning to delight in those things that are fleeting - transience serves me either way - as a reminder that I must hold precious what will surely not last; but also that things I pain to endure will surely pass.

Images featured on my blog between 2008 and 2012.
1. Artist Unknown.  2. Alicia Hannah Naomi.


I used to spend a lot of time wrestling with my self identity. I felt persistently detached from common culture and needed to navigate the alien space I found myself in on terms of my own.

I started a blog where I practiced assimilating the way I felt with the way I looked. I discovered fashion as an avenue to communicate an internal narrative created by the counter culture art, music, literature and film that spoke to my soul.

I recognised the power in the metal amulets I adorned myself in - a modern kind of armour - and finally, I found a space of acceptance within the realm of contemporary jewellery, where I continue to express myself freely.

Images featured on my blog between 2008 and 2012.
1. Alicia Hannah Naomi - Wearing early prototype rings I handmade.  2. Artist Unknown.


Although time and practice has largely emancipated me of those constant feelings of displacement, there are moments where old doubts still wash over my mind. Yet if all things in nature are transient, then perhaps these times when our self-judgement is clouded must be true for all people in nature.

Not everyone's dissonance will be reconciled so easily by the cosmetic, and I have boundless empathy for those who can’t make as easy amends with forms of costumery. But I do believe that adornment is a fundamental channel for self-expression, and it is a powerful place to begin one's next journey.

For those still near the base of the mountain, and those with farther to climb:

I see you.
I make for you.

Anoint your precious objects with meaning and purpose.
Adorn yourself in your talismanic armour.
Tell your narrative on your own terms.

Remember that all things in nature are transient.
Let nothing stop you on your ascent.


Until next time,
Alicia Hannah Naomi x