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Born from her belief in unapologetic self-expression, Alicia Hannah Naomi creates objects of rare and dark beauty.
In Alicia’s hands, fine materials are transformed into talismans of identity and monuments to love.

Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery champions originality and celebrates the individual.


Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery is an exploration of the dark and raw.

Textual surfaces appear hewn from the earth, while polished planes and faceted gemstones create tension and balance.
Crafted in silver and gold, Alicia’s artisanal creation process infuses each piece with character. Hand-carved forms and hand-fashioned textures celebrate beauty in imperfection.


Eschewing the relentless cycle of trends, Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery is designed for longevity and authenticity.

Singular and distinctive, Alicia’s designs are an expression of identity, tools to communicate your truest self through adornment. Genderless, ageless, and seasonless, your jewellery becomes an omnipresent and personal narrative.


Celebrating commitment or marriage, Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery reflects the essence of your lives and love.
Engagement rings and wedding bands authentically represent your personality and partnership.

Whether a signature design or a bespoke creation, these are monuments to moments, love made tangible. 


Working from her studio in Melbourne, Australia, Alicia’s process is as singular and creative as her designs. Collections are inspired by the dual transience and permanence of our world; the ephemerality of nature, the endurance of the earth itself. Inspiration pours first into rapid hand-sketches, briskly outlining a sense of form and shape. Each design is then hand-carved, an intuitive process with tactile and sculptural results.

Crafted entirely in recycled gold or silver, Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery is almost always made to order.
Each piece is made individually with intention and purpose, all the more significant and sustainable for it.