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Alicia Hannah Naomi is a contemporary jeweller from Melbourne, Australia.

First introduced to contemporary jewellery through an opportunity to work for the goldsmiths Francois and Nicholas Payet in 2003, Alicia felt a sense of resonance towards this less conventional approach to adornment. Her time with the Payet brothers sparked the desire to further express herself through the medium of contemporary jewellery an artist herself.

Alicia completed the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Specializing in Jewellery) at the Box Hill Institute of Technology in 2013, where she received the Most Outstanding Student Prize, and furthered her professional development with a Jewellery Gem Setting course at Melbourne Polytechnic in 2019.

Whilst completing her jeweller qualifications in 2012/2013, Alicia had the opportunity to explore a variety of different manufacturing techniques, but found affinity with the method of lost wax casting, which she now uses almost exclusively in her practice today.

This process involves carving and sculpting unique, intricate forms and textures by hand in jeweller’s wax that will later be cast into precious metal objects for wear. Designing and creating through wax modelling, her outcomes are the direct result of her making process; giving each work a measure of irregularity complimentary to the organic source inspiration, and helps holistically realise her artistic intention.

Situated in just outside the epicentre of the Melbourne jewellery manufacturing industry, the studio proudly partners with local, family-owned casting houses who specialise in using 100% recycled precious metals.

I am moved by the subtle, the monumental, the imperfect and the austere; taking inspiration from the ingenuity of natural objects and processes.

My work is a celebration of the transience of all things in nature, and through my practice I pay homage to the aesthetic elegance in objects that carry the burden of their years with dignity and grace.

I believe that the practice of slowness and sustainability are the ultimate expressions of luxury. I hand craft individually, endeavouring to create contemporary heirlooms – precious and corporeal adornments of intimacy.