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FAQ — Orders

What if I need to make a change to my order before it has shipped?

If you need to make a change to your order, please email the studio as soon as possible. I work extremely hard to process new orders placed on my website as quickly as possible. Depending on when you place your order, your piece may begin production within hours of that order being received.

Once your order has gone into production it can no longer be changed.

How long will my order take to ship?

Almost every product in the online store is made to order.

Some pieces take longer than others depending on complexity of design and material availability. Every product page has information on Production & Delivery specific for that item. Please ensure to read this section carefully to be fully informed of how long the piece will take to craft.

Some pieces may also be ready to ship immediately, which will be noted in the Production & Delivery tab of that product's page. If you order more than one piece and one item is Ready To Ship but others are Made To Order, your order will not ship until all items are completed.

How is my order presented?

Each piece of jewellery comes presented in a hard-case Alicia Hannah Naomi cardboard or wooden presentation box which is perfect for gifting and storing your jewellery in when the piece is not being worn. 

All orders come with care instructions, a complimentary polishing cloth, and a Certificate of Provenance. If your order is a gift, please don't forget to let me know the recipient's name as it will appear on the Certificate of Provenance.

What is a Certificate of Provenance?

The Certificate of Provenance is a document that contains information about the item you ordered, including the item's name, what materials it's made from, what date it was completed and who it was crafted for. The Certificate is a lovely token of ownership for the recipient and helps them understand that the newest addition to their jewellery collection was thoughtfully crafted especially for them. This is why you are asked for the recipient's name during checkout.

The Certificate of Provenance is my version of a Certificate of Authenticity. It is not a Certificate of Valuation and does not contain any information about cost, pricing or value. It cannot be used for insurance purposes.

You will receive a seperate Certificate of Provenance for each item in your order.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Other than protective wrapping and some tissue paper, no extra packaging is applied to your parcel in order to keep your parcel as lightweight as possible, and keep shipping and handling costs at a minimum. 

If you require custom gift wrapping, this can be arranged on a case-by-case basis for a nominal fee. Please Contact the Studio to enquire.

Can I supply my own gold or gemstones for the piece I want to order?

The studio does not take client's own gold or silver for remodelling but can accept your gemstones.

Working with your gemstones falls under Custom and Bespoke work, so please visit the Bespoke Process page to learn more about this service.

Can I buy one of your gemstones on it's own?

No. The gemstones listed on the website are part of Alicia's personal collection and are only available for purchase as part of a fully realised Custom or Bespoke jewellery design.

Can I buy a ring with an empty setting to set with my own gemstone later?

No. The studio does not sell empty settings.

FAQ — Jewellery

What is the difference between metals?

Visit the Meet Your Metals page in the Education section to learn more about the alloys the studio uses.

Why don't you offer 14ct Gold?

14ct Gold is not a common alloy in Australia, however I can sometimes source 14ct Gold alloy upon request. Please submit a Customisation Request to the studio to enquire about crafting your desired item in 14ct Gold.

Why is White Gold more expensive than Yellow and Rose Gold?

The studio exclusively uses White Gold alloyed with a white metal called Palladium. Due to the very high cost of Palladium, it is a more expensive alloy to work with.

Some workshops will alloy their White Gold with Nickel for a more affordable alternative, but as Nickel is a common metal allergen I do not use it. For more information about the alloys the studio uses please visit the Meet Your Metals page in the Education section.

Will the jewellery turn my skin green?

All Alicia Hannah Naomi jewellery is made from non-allergenic, solid precious metal alloys.

Jewellery made from base metal alloys such as brass or bronze will frequently leave a green stain on the wearer's skin. This stain is the result of the very high percentage of pure copper in base metal alloys to react with the skin's natural acids creating a film of copper chloride that transfers to the skin, and will persist indefinitely as long as the alloy is worn.


A very small percentage of my clients have reported that for the first few days of wear, their Sterling Silver jewellery leaves a pale grey stain on their skin.

While I cannot provide a firm reason for this phenomenon, it is thought that mild residue from polishing may sometimes remain on the piece and react temporarily with the wearer's skin. This phenomenon is temporary, and in all cases ceases to occur within a week of daily wear.

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