In Arms of Undertow

It gives me immense  pleasure to share my most personal body of work to date - Undertow - exploring my fascination with the sea as an allegory for a history of loss, grief, transformation and rebirth. 

Taking cues from the coalescent and melancholic dance of the ocean, the collection features hand-carved textures that are informed by the ceaseless movement of water, from vast swells that roll across the horizon to the turbulent froth of crashing waves.


Adornments of Intimacy

I am moved by the subtle, the monumental, the imperfect and the austere; taking inspiration from the ingenuity of natural objects and processes. I see my work as a celebration of the transience of all things in nature, and pay homage to the aesthetic elegance in objects that carry the burden of their years with dignity and grace.

At the Alicia Hannah Naomi atelier, I believe that the practice of slowness and sustainability are the ultimate expressions of luxury.
I hand craft individually, endeavoring to create contemporary heirlooms – precious and corporeal adornments of intimacy.

Alicia Hannah Naomi in her inner-Melbourne home studio.